Developmental Genetics Research Group


The group provides high quality postgraduate (MSc, PhD) and postdoctoral research training in both fundamental and applied aspects of eukaryote genetics and modern molecular, cellular and developmental biology.

In addition, all Faculty members in this group are actively engaged in undergraduate teaching in the areas of Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Neuroscience and Biological Imaging.

Collectively we teach the following courses:

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Development of the Nervous system
  • Techniques in Neuroscience

In addition we supervise the research projects of undergraduate students in the final year (third year project) so as to provide hands-on experience to undergraduates in the areas of Molecular and Developmental Biology.

We are also keen to host intersted and committed students during the Summer to develop short laboratory projects. Those students interested should contact the Faculty leading the individual laboratories in this section for further details.