Developmental Genetics Research Group


Work in this group is concerned with the molecular and cellular processes underlying the transformation of the fertilised egg into the complex organism.

Our laboratories explore the question of how information in the genome is converted into a set of instructions that –through guiding collective cell behaviours – underlie the formation of tissues, organs and systems in the developing organism.

In order to achieve this we apply a wide range of experimental approaches including biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, cell culture, bioinformatics and advanced microscopy and imaging so as to map the cellular and developmental roles of specific genes and processes, as well as to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying patterning and morphogenesis.

We are well equipped for research on vertebrate (mouse, chicken, zebrafish) and invertebrate species (Drosophila, beetles, honeybees – see Sussex Drosophila Labs link) and host facilities for tissue and cell culture, transgenesis, as well as a wide range of instrumentation for modern imaging and cell and molecular biology.

We welcome informal enquiries from prospective Research Fellows, Postdocs and PhD students. For this please email Claudio Alonso at