Centre for World Environmental History

Project-related and generated publications

In progress.  'Crop or Forest? Missionary, Basotho and Government Tree planting in Lesotho', presented at 'Travel, Situated Knowledge, and Environment', Cadbury Fellows Workshop, Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham, 18-19 May 2007. Included in edited volume in process by the Center: Reginald Kline-Cole and David O'Kane (eds) Making and Re-making Africa: Travel, environment and local knowledge in a continent of movement'.

2010. Pre-history of Southern African Forestry: From Vegetable Garden to Tree Plantation, Environment and History 16(3):295-322.

Showers, Kate B. 2006. From Forestry to Soil Conservation: British Tree Management in Lesotho's Grassland Ecosystem, Conservation and Society 4(1):1-35.

Showers, Kate B. 2005. Imperial Gullies: Soil erosion and conservation in Lesotho. Athens: Ohio University Press.

Showers, K.B and G.M. Malahleha. 1992. Oral evidence in historical environmental impact assessment: Soil conservation in Lesotho in the 1930s - 1940s. Journal of Southern African Studies 18(2):276-296.