Centre for Social and Political Thought

Theorizing the Social: overview

Theorizing the Social - this module is now taught in the Spring Term 2023

This is an overview of the 'Theorizing the Social' module as it has been taught in the recent past


1. Social Choice theory (Gordon Finlayson)

2. Riker Liberalism against Populism (Gordon Finlayson)

3. Phenomenology (Mahon O"Brien)

4. Hermenutics (Mahon O'Brien)

5. Bourdieu Touraine (David Berry)

6. Foucault (Darrow Schecter)

7 Edward Said (Gurminder Bhambra)

8. Latour Castells (David Berry)

9. Danielle Allen (Gurminder Bhambra)

10. Luhmann (Darrow Schecter)

11. Habermas, Between Facts and Norms (Gordon Finlayson)

12. Term Paper Planning


There are good introductions to some of the themes of the module in David Frisby and Derek Sayer, Society (1986)

A full set of readings for the module will be published in its Canvas page (available at the start of term, to Sussex students only).