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Text and Critique in Social and Political Thought: overview

Text and Critique in Social and Political Thought,
Time: Friday 9-11 am
Venue - Bramber House 252

This is an overview of the 'Text and Critique in Social and Political Thought' module for Autumn 2019.

1. Aristotle, Politics (Gordon Finlayson)

2. Machiavelli, The Prince (Mahon O'brien)

3. More, Utopia (Joanne Paul)

4. Hobbes, Leviathan (Joanne Paul)

5. Rousseau, ''Discourse on Inequality, The Social Contract (Iain McDaniel)

6. Smith, The Wealth of Nations,  Theory of the Moral Sentiments (Iain McDaniel)

7. Wollstonecraft, Vindication of the Rights of Woman (Joanne Paul)

8. Hegel, Philosophy of Right (Tarik Kochi)

9. Marx, 'On the Jewish Question', Comments on James Mill, Capital Tarik Kochi

10. Weber, 'Politics as a Vocation', On Political Legitimacy (Darrow Schecter)

11. Rawls Political Liberalism (Gordon Finlayson)

12. (Essay Writing Skills Seminar.)

Introductory reading

There are good introductions to some of the thinkers in the module in Iain Hampsher-Monk, A History of Modern Political Thought (1992) and Ian Craib, Classical Social Theory (1997).

A full set of readings for the module will be published in its Canvas (available at the start of term, to Sussex students only).