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WP 42: Poverty in Kagera, Tanzania: Characteristics, Causes and Constraints

Julie Litchfield & Thomas McGregor

WP 41: Brazilian Poverty Between and Within Groups: Decomposition by Geographical, Group-specific Poverty Lines

Paolo Salardi

WP 40: Determinants of Poverty During Transition: Household Survey Evidence from Ukraine

Tilman Brück, Alexander M. Danzer, Alexander Muravyev & Natalia Weißhaar


WP 39: Girl Farm Labour and Double--Shift Schooling in the Gambia: The Paradox of Development Intervention

Pamela Kea

WP 38: Poverty in Britain in 1904: An Early Social Survey Rediscovered

Ian Gazeley & Andrew Newell

WP 37: Reducing Inequality and Poverty During Liberlisation in China: Rural and Agricultural Experiences and Policy Options

Michael Lipton & Qi Zhang

WP 36: Productivity and Firm Heterogeneity in Chile

Gustavo Crespi

WP 35: Rural Nonfarm Employment Under Trade Reform Evidence from Vietnam, 1993-2002

Thai-Hung Pham

WP 34: The Gender Pay Gap in Vietnam, 1993-2002: A Quantile Regression Approach

Thai-Hung Pham & Barry Reilly

WP 33: The Public Sector Pay Gap in Pakistan: A Quantile Regression Analysis

Asma Hyder & Barry Reilly

WP 32: The Gender Pay Gap and Trade Liberalisation: Evidence from India

Barry Reilly & Puja Vasudeva Dutta

WP 31: Education, Employment and Earnings of Secondary School-Leavers in Tanzania: Evidence from a Tracer Study

Samer Al-Samarrai & Barry Reilly

WP 30: An Analysis of Household Responses to Price Shocks in Vietnam: Can Unit Values Substitute for Market Prices?

Yoko Niimi


WP 29: Accounting for Wage Inequality in India

Puja Vasuveda Dutta

WP 28: 

  • PRUS-WP-28

WP 27: Trade protection and inter-industry wages in India

Puja Vasuveda Dutta

WP 26: Child Survival and the Fertility of Refugees in Rwanda after the Genocide

Philip Verwimp and Jan Van Bavel

WP 25: The structure of wages in India, 1983-1999

Puja Vasuveda Dutta

WP 24: Multidimensional Inequality: An Empirical Application to Brazil

Patricia Justino, Julie Litchfield & Yoko Niimi

WP 23: Empirical Applications of Multidimensional Inequality Analysis

Patricia Justino

WP 22: Inequality in Latin America: Processes and Inputs

Patricia Justino and Arnab Acharaya

WP 21: The Impact of Inequality in Latin America

Patricia Justino, Julie Litchfield & Laurence Whitehead

WP 20: Social Security in Developing Countries: Myth or Necessity? Evidence From India

Patricia Justino


WP 19: Two Faces of Participation: The Story of Kerala

Patricia Justino

WP 18: Redistribution, Inequality and Political Conflict

Patricia Justino

WP 17: Trade Liberalisation and Poverty Dynamics in Vietnam

Yoko Niimi, Puja Vasudeva Dutta & Alan Winters

WP 16: Poverty in Zambia: Assessing the Impacts of Trade Liberalisation in the 1990s

Julie Litchfield & Neil McCulloch

WP 15:

  • PRUS-WP-15

WP 14: 

  • PRUS-WP-14

WP 13: Determinants of Inter-district Variations in Rural Non-Farm Employment in Andhra Pradesh: A District Level Data Analysis

Prasada Rao Mecharla

WP 12: The Determinants of Rural Non-Farm Employment in Two Villages of Andhra Pradesh (India)

Prasada Rao Mecharla

WP 11: The Impact of Fair Trade on Producers and Their Organisations: A Case Study with Coocafé in Costa Rica

Loraine Ronchi

WP 10: Poverty Dynamics in Rural Vietnam: Winners and Losers During Reform

Patricia Justino & Julie Litchfield


WP 9: Trade Policy, Retail Markets and Value Chain Restructuring in the EU Clothing Sector

Sally Baden

WP 8: Welfare in Vietnam During the 1990s: Poverty, Inequality and Poverty Dynamics

Patricia Justino and Julie Litchfield

WP 7: Trade Liberalisation and Poverty

L Alan Winters

WP 6: Reviving Global Poverty Reduction: What Role for Genetically Modified Plants?

Michael Lipton

WP 5:

  • PRUS-WP-5

WP 4: 

  • PRUS-WP-4

WP 3:

  • PRUS-WP-3

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WP 1:

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