Graduate recruitment and student placements

Find out how we can help you recruit new talent or build on existing expertise within your organisation.

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Graduate recruitment and student placements

We can help you identify and recruit the best candidates from within our talented, committed and enthusiastic student body who can act as ‘intrapreneurs’ within your organisation, bringing innovative new approaches to support your business growth.

You may want to recruit one of our graduates to a long-term position in your organisation, or recruit a placement student for one year – a great way to access new skills and identify a potential future employee. You can also ask us for funding to wage a student intern or a team of student consultants to work on a project for your organisation.

Find out about our range of graduate and student talent schemes.

Hire a student for your start-up or small business

If you manage a start-up or small business and need skilled staff but don’t have the time or resources to train and mentor recruits in-house, you could consider hiring one of our students.

Our placement year and graduate students have created a 'catalyst team' with expertise from a range of disciplines. They are already trained and ready to hire for short-term projects.

Find out more about the Catalyst team.

Knowledge transfer partnerships

Bring academic knowledge to your business, improve your productivity and ability to compete through the latest technologies and thinking through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme. Each KTP project is a three-way partnership between a business, an academic or team of academics, and a graduate.

Find out more about Knowledge Transfer Partnership schemes.

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