Continuing professional development

Discover our range of professional development opportunities. Your staff can keep on learning through flexible study options and training that fit in around work and family life.

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Our courses

We offer:

  • the Sussex MBA (Master of Business Administration) – the course draws on our cutting-edge research and teaching from leading academics and industry experts to help you bring new skills and ideas to your business

  • the opportunity to develop your career with a course from our diverse range of Masters degrees. Or choose an online Masters degree, so you can learn wherever you are in the world
  • flexible accredited and non-accredited Continuing Professional Development courses (CPD) to meet your specific business needs.

Continuing Professional Development courses

We offer a range of courses, but can also develop bespoke courses to meet your business needs. 

To find out more, get in touch with our business engagement team or browse the courses on offer below. 

  • Education-related professional development courses

    The Department of Education at the University of Sussex offers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training both within the UK and internationally.

    It has a long history of offering bespoke international educational consultancy services, especially in areas of teacher development and educational leadership.

    It also offers a range of flexible, distinctive and innovative opportunities for the continuing professional development of UK partnership teachers.

    Areas covered include:

    • curriculum design
    • professional knowledge
    • assessment
    • reflective practice
    • educational psychology
    • disability and inclusion. 

    Find out more about these courses.

    Read about two major continuing professional development events run by the Department of Education at the University of Sussex.

  • Science, technology and innovation policy for turbulent times 

    The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex is one of the world's leading centres of research on science, technology and innovation policy and management.

    This course:

    • engages with current debates around industrial transformation, artificial intelligence, clean growth and innovation within the multilateral trading system
    • shares experiences and insights with international policymakers in your field.

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  • Trauma-informed practice (TIP) courses

    Trauma-Informed Practice (or TIP) is a framework first developed several decades ago in the USA, in response to the growing recognition that the impact of trauma is not sufficiently acknowledged within services that often interact with traumatised people (including health, social care and criminal justice). 

    You can use trauma-informed practice priniciples to develop your professional skills in teaching and social work through courses at Sussex.

    We offer:

    • an online training module in trauma-informed practice
    • courses in Social Work and Care
    • courses in Childhood and Youth Studies.

    Find out more about our courses.

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