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Stanmer House Oral Histories 2014/5

Local company Inroads Productions has been awarded R&D funding through the Arts Council England’s Grants For The Arts Scheme to develop Stanmer, a brand new play to be written by Sara Clifford.

Stanmer House

Getting involved: There will be plenty of opportunities for members of the community to get involved by either contributing their stories and memories or taking part in free oral history training sessions delivered by Brighton University Centre For Research in Memory Narrative & Histories.

ORAL HISTORIES – 50 voices: A key element of the project will be to work with local residents to collect their memories of the House and park, and particularly the early days of the university, as well as family stories about working at the House.

Do you have a story to share? Then please get in touch.

CONTACT: Sara Clifford – stanmerhouse1960@gmail.com

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