Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research


This project collected 60 audio-histories which have a permanent home in the British Library’s Sound Archive, a publicly accessible archive. We have also produced 10 short films, an interactive website and workshops with teachers and schools, talks, seminars and conferences, and a PhD thesis.


Poster by See Red Women's Workshop, c1978, The Women's Library, London Metropolitian University

Project publications available include:

Special issue on ‘Researching Women's Movements’, ed. Margaretta Jolly and Sasha Roseneil (eds.) Women’s Studies International Forum, Volume 35, Issue 3, Pages 125-186 (May–June 2012). Includes essays:
  • Researching Women’s Movements: an introduction to FEMCIT and Sisterhood and After (Margaretta Jolly and Sasha Roseneil)
  • Using Biographical Narrative and Life Story Methods to Research Women’s Movements: Sisterhood and After (Polly Russell)
  • Researching Difference and Diversity within Women’s Movements: Sisterhood and After (Rachel Cohen)
  • Recognising Place, Space and Nation in Researching Women’s Movements: Sisterhood and After (Margaretta Jolly)
  • Assessing the Impact of Women’s Movements: Sisterhood and After (Margaretta Jolly)
‘Sisterhood and After: Ethics, Individualism and the Oral History of the Women’s Liberation Movement’, with Polly Russell and Rachel Cohen, Social Movement Studies, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2012