Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research

The Genome Incorporated: Constructing Biodigital Identity

London: Ashgate

ICTs and human biotechnology also intersect, and Kate O'Riordan is currently examining this axis in depth in a book project that focuses on intersections of ICTs and human biotechnology in relation to the body. The book is provisionally called The Genome Incorporated: The Construction of Biodigital Identity.  It develops concepts of biodigitality (Parisi, 2004, Parikka, 2007) biovalue (Waldby, 2002) and biomedia (Thacker, 2004), through the lens of incorporation to examine a series of case studies examining the proliferation and consumption of human genomics as it intersections with media forms. These case studies include new media and personal genome sequencing intersections, genome browsing, genomic health testing and reality programming partnerings, and bio and sci-art engagements with genomics.

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