Centre for the Analysis of Regional Integration at Sussex (CARIS)


Below is a list of recent publications from CARIS members. For full details of each member publications see the linked personal profiles.

Sussex Framework for the evaluation of RTAs

Briefing papers

  • Briefing Paper 1: Assessing Preferential Trading Agreements using the Sussex Framework
  • Briefing Paper 2: Making EPAs Development Friendly
  • Briefing Paper 3: An EU-India Free Trade Agreement: Reflections on implications for Excluded Countries
  • Briefing Paper 4: Multilateralising Regionalism: Relaxing Rules of Origin, or Can those PECS be flexed?
  • Briefing Paper 5: The Impact of Trade Policies on Pakistan's Preferential Access to the EU Markets

Working papers

For the most recent papers please see the Department of Economics' Working Paper Series

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  • Augier, P., Gasiorek, M., and Lai-Tong, C. (2009)
  • "Relaxing rules of origin: Or can those PECS be flexed", refereed conference paper, in Multilateralising Regionalism edited by Patrick Low and Richard Baldwin, Cambridge University Press.
  • Peter Holmes and Anirudh Shingal "Potential Benefits from a Deep EU–India Free Trade Agreement" pp 43-62 Asia Europe Journal, 2009
  • K.Dawar and P. Holmes.(2009)
  • "Negotiation or Litigation the curiously evolving governance of the WTO " pp. 139-78 in The Law and Economics of Globalisation: New Challenges for a World in Flux. L.Yueh ed. E Elgar
  • L. Alan Winters, Michael Gasiorek, Javier Lopez Gonzalez and Peter Holmes Innocent Bystanders : Implications of an EU-India Free Trade Agreement for Excluded Countries (Paperback) Commonwealth Secretariat April 2009
  • Fernandez, A. and Heiwai Tang, 'The Determinants of Vertical Integration in Export Processing: Theory and Evidence from China', CEP DP no. 0980
  • Rollo J., The Challenge of Negotiating RTA for Developing Countries. What Could the WTO do to Help in Richard Baldwin and Patrick Low (edfs), Multilateralising Regionalism: Challenges for the Global Trading System, CUP, Cambridge, 2009


  • Alfieri, A. and Cirera, X. (2008) Unilateral Trade Preferences in the EU: An Empirical Assessment for the Case of Mozambican Exports, DNEAP Discussion Paper 60E
  • Cirera, X. (2008) Export Preferences and Rural incomes in Mozambique, DNEAP Discussion Paper 59E
  • Cirera, X. and Nhate, V (2008) 'Transmission of prices from the border to domestic markets' in C. Arndt and F. Tarp (eds), Taxation in a Low-Income Economy: the Case of Mozambique, Routledge
  • Alfieri, A. and Cirera, X (2008) 'Mozambique and Regional Integration' in C. Arndt and F. Tarp (eds), Taxation in a Low-Income Economy: the Case of Mozambique, Routledge.
  • Cirera, X.; Grimble, D. and Willenbockel, D. (2008) 'Revenue Impact Analysis of Implementing the SADC Agreement in Angola' Report prepared for the Angolan Customs Expansion and Modernisation Programme, Phase II, Angolan Customs International and National Cooperation Unit

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  • A.R.Young and P. Holmes "Protection or Protectionism? EU Food Safety Rules and the WTO" pp. 281-306 in Christopher Ansell and David Vogel (eds), Why the Beef? The Contested Governance of European Food Safety MIT Press 2006
  • Alfieri, A.; Cirera, X. and Rawlinson, A. (2006) Estimating the Impact on Mozambique of Different Trade Policy Regimes: SADC, SACU or MFN?, DNEAP Discussion Paper 29E
  • Peter Holmes, "The WTO and domestic regulation" pp. 39-64 in Regulating development. Ed Edmund Amann. Edward Elgar 2006
  • Peter Holmes "Trade and 'domestic' policies: the European mix "Journal of European Public Policy, Volume 13, Issue 6 September 2006 , pages 815 - 831
  • Gasiorek, M (2006) "Trade liberalisation and multiproduct multinationals", working paper

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  • Augier, P., Gasiorek, M., and Lai-Tong, C. (2005), "The impact of rules of origin on trade flows", Economic Policy (July 2005).
  • Gasiorek, M & Chwiejczak, J (2005), "The impact of the EPAs on trade and production in the Caribbean.", Working Paper.
  • David Evans, Michael Gasiorek, Peter Holmes, Leonardo Iacovone, Karen Jackson, Sherman Robinson, Jim Rollo (2005). "A Framework for Evaluating Regional Trade Agreements Involving Developing Countries", Report for DfID

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  • Peter Holmes, "Trade and Competition Policy at the WTO: Issues for Developing Countries" pp. 114-128 in Paul Cook, Colin Kirkpatrick Martin Minogue, and David Parker (editors) Leading Issues In Competition, Regulation And Development E. Elgar 2004
  • Gasiorek, M, (2004), "Trade reform and the Southern Mediterranean", Introduction to special symposium on the Southern Mediterranean, World Economy, September, pp.1449-1473.
  • McCulloch, N.; Winters, L. A. and Cirera, X. (2004) 'Agricultural Trade Reform' in Anderson, K and Josling, T (eds), The WTO and Agriculture, 2, London: Edward Elgar
  • Gasiorek, M, & Winters, L.A.W. (2004), "What role for the EPAs in the Caribbean", World Economy, September, pp 1421-1427.
  • Augier, P., Gasiorek, M., and Lai-Tong, C. (2004), "The EU-Mediterranean partnership and cumulation of rules of origin: the case of textiles", part of special symposium on the Southern Mediterranean, World Economy, September, pp.1335-1362.
  • Méndez Parra, M. "Argentina" en Dimaranan, Betina V. and Robert A. McDougall, Editors (2005). Global Trade, Assistance, and Production: The GTAP 6 Data Base, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University
  • "Trade and Competition policy in the WTO: new issues for Ukraine" pp. 148-158 in Ukraine's WTO Accession: Challenge for Domestic Economic. Reforms, Edited by Ihor Burakovsky, Lars Handrich and Lutz Hoffman, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting 2004.

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  • Rollo, J., Holmes P. and Young A., Emerging Trends in WTO Dispute Settlement: Back to the GATT? (2003) World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 0-2712, World Bank Washington DC
  • Rollo, J., Agriculture, the Structural Funds and the Budget after Enlargement (2003)
  • SEI working paper 68 [PDF 392.63KB]
  • Rollo, J., Expanding WTO Rules? Should There Be WTO Rules On Competition, Investment, Trade Facilitation And Transparency In Government Procurement (2003) A Report For The Federal Trust, London ahead of the WTO ministerial meeting at Cancun

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  • P.Holmes, Trade and Competition in P. English, B.Hoekman and A Mattoo eds The WTO Trade and Development World Bank 2002.
  • Robert D. Anderson and Peter Holmes "Competition Policy And The Future Of The Multilateral Trading System" Journal of International Economic Law . pp. 531- 563, Volume 5, number 2 June 2002
  • Peter Holmes, Anna Sydorak, Anestis Papadopoulos and Bahri Özgür Kayali, "Trade and competition in RTAs: A missed opportunity?" pp. 65-122 in Competition Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements: How to Assure Development Gains eds: Philippe Brusick, Ana María Alvarez, Lucian Cernat
  • Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo and Alasdair Young, "Emerging Trends in WTO Dispute Settlement: Back to the GATT?". World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3133

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  • Holmes, P., 'The WTO and the EU: Some Constitutional Comparisons', in De Búrca Gráinne and Joanne Scott (eds). The EU and the WTO. Legal and Constitutional Issues. Oxford, Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing. 2001.
  • Patricia Augier, David Evans, Michael Gasiorek, Peter Holmes, Charles Lai-Tong, "Study on the economic impact of extending the pan-European system of cumulation of origin to the Mediterranean partners' part of the Barcelona process"
  • McCulloch, N.; Winters, L. A. and Cirera, X. (2001) Trade Liberalization and Poverty: A Handbook, London: CEPR

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