Research collaboration

Working collaboratively with external organisations of all kinds has always been an important feature of academic research at the University of Sussex, and we are developing new and exciting ways in which you can discover the breadth of our expertise and engage with our distinctive portfolio of work across many subjects and disciplines.

Our latest research offers great potential for new collaborative project developments, sometimes involving intensive R&D projects and partnerships over several years, or medium and short-term contract research work. Flexible in our approach, we can help you to identify the best collaborative contract to support your knowledge requirements. Working in partnership with our research teams you can also explore other opportunities such as:

  • setting up bespoke training
  • the provision of expert advice
  • policy analysis reports
  • process evaluation and solutions

All collaborative project work will bring the benefit of shared knowledge and experience across and between different types of organisation.

Research from any subject speciality can readily be applied to the challenges faced by commercial organisations, as well as to government, public and third sector bodies involved in work covering both national and international questions arising from real-world problems. Let us know the kind of expertise you are looking for, and we can help you to identify the people to contact, facilitate meetings or exploratory workshops where needed, and ensure the terms of agreement are right for the project or programme of work you would like to establish with the University.

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