Find out what our graduates say

Sussex MBA students taking part in a seminar

Alexandra Hentschel
Event and Training Team Director, CEB Global

What were your career goals when you started the Sussex MBA?

“As I reached a point of senior management, working not just in one specific function but managing a cross-functional business unit, I decided that I wanted and needed to add some theory and academic proof behind the experience I had in the real world.

“Completing my MBA has not only given my CV a great boost, but it’s really enhanced my ability to talk credibly and confidently to senior stakeholders. I’ve also been able to use my assignments to focus on my own day-to-day work which has been really valuable.

“Now that I've got solid in-house experience and the MBA under my belt, I'm exploring the possibility of going into management consultancy; undertaking more project-based work across multiple teams and/or organisations that can offer the variety and pace that I thrive on.”

Why Sussex?

“I chose to study at Sussex because it has a solid academic record and the executive part-time option was attractive because it meant that I could work as well as study. Although I've never needed to defer a module, the fact that was an option if I had too much on my plate at any one time was also appealing.

“It also helped that the University is near my home, meaning that it was easy for me to manage my time and commute.”

What were your personal favourite things about the course?

“The campus and facilities have been great and having time out of my day-to-day to think, challenge myself, be challenged by others and lift above the weeds I'm stuck in every other day of the week!

“I’ve met some amazing, capable and accomplished professionals - students and faculty - who I'm sure will be friends for many years to come.”

Jamie Stapleton
Global Director, Services Innovation, Schneider Electric

What were your career goals when you started the Sussex MBA?

“With a short space of time effect the Sussex MBA provided me with new skills and insights that I could directly apply to my professional environment. My personal goals of climbing a career ladder with greater responsibility was, and continues to be, accelerated by the addition of my MBA.”

Which skills did you develop during the course?

“Learning to consider the business you are in from the top down, and not isolated to your specific function or role, allows you to begin to grasp the underlying reason why decisions are made to grow a company.

"The external environment and how this relates to strategy was key to me to begin this transition away from my own field of expertise.

“My long term ambition is to manage a business unit or maybe lead a company in its entirety. This MBA has stoked my desire to build to a point where I can implement and shape a company based on my perspective and ideas, and has provided me greater confidence to take on larger projects, roles, and responsibilities.”

Why Sussex?

“The University is a growing and innovative place to be right now. The Sussex MBA is a great way to be part of that as well as developing personally and professionally.

“Flexible studying arrangements were key for me. Working full time made considering an MBA daunting and I was keen to minimise the impact this undertaking would have. The Sussex MBA meets these needs by providing a very flexible studying environment that also included face to face time.”

What were your personal favourite things about the course?

“The combination of having some truly inspiring lecturers and professors guiding me, as well as meeting an array of diverse and talented fellow students. The connections I have made throughout this MBA will stay with me for life.”

Luis Sorela
Compliance Manager, World Service EMEA, American Express

What were your career goals when you started the Sussex MBA?

“The MBA helped my career goals by enhancing my CV and expanding my knowledge on a broad range of business functions and strategies, as well as an understanding of the internal and external factors that shape organisations.

"This in turn provided me with the tools and confidence to increase cross-functional collaboration at work, giving me more visibility and exposure, and raising my profile to help me secure roles with increased levels of responsibility.

“I aspire to continue climbing up the career ladder within my company by securing more senior leadership positions that also have an international scope. Eventually, when the opportunity arises, I would like to put into practice all I learned from the MBA by opening and running my own business.”

Why Sussex?

“I was attracted by the facilities of the business school and the reputation of the University, and as I work and live in Brighton, the MBA at Sussex was also very convenient.

"The course structure offered a lot of flexibility to help manage work commitments as well as studying, and I liked the fact that the course emphasised development of interpersonal skills and business ethics, something which is increasingly important.”

Which skills did you develop during the course?

“The seminars are a fantastic forum to not only learn about theoretical business concepts, but also to discuss how these work in practice by sharing ideas and experiences with professionals from a broad range of backgrounds.

"The assessments often required us to work as part of teams, therefore improving my team-working skills, and there was a lot of emphasis on interpersonal development, which improved my public speaking, presentation, and influencing skills.”

Alinery Lianhlawng, Sussex MBA student and Founder of Rochun: Pay It Forward