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Dr Gregor Semieniuk

Post:Associate Faculty (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit)
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I am a research fellow at SPRU, employed on the EU H2020 DOLFINS grant project led by Prof. Mariana Mazzucato. My main research interests are the role of energy in economic growth, and the finance for and industrial dynamics underlying the transformation of the energy sector towards a low-carbon energy supply.

I am currently studying the patterns of finance for innovation in the renewable energy sector, and in particular the direction and diversity in the renewable energy technology deployment landscape arising from varying investment patterns between types of investors. I also investigate the links between financial and operational performance of renewable energy sector companies.

A related research strand is about the varying national patterns of correlation between economic growth and changes in fossil energy use, recognizing that understanding the ‘decoupling’ of the two magnitudes in one area of the world can only be understood in the context of international, interdependent patterns of structural and technological change, and trade in embodied energy.

A user of Bayesian logic for inference, I have applied Bayesian computational methods to develop information-preserving sampling procedures from large databases, and applied this to a firm database to study company profitability.