Information Systems and Technology Management Group

Find out about the IS&TM Group at Sussex.

About the group

The Information Systems and Technology Management (IS&TM) Group conducts world-leading research that aims to advance academic debates and shape management practice and policy.

We have expertise in a wide range of sectors including healthcare and education.

Our projects are multidisciplinary in nature, drawing from various fields such as Science and Technology Studies, sociology, employment studies, innovation studies and policy.

Themes of research

The research is organised around the following four themes:

Innovation and digital business strategy

This theme examines various phenomena at the intersection of technological innovation and business strategy in today’s digitalisation era with a particular interest in the relevance and commercialisation of academic research in this domain.

We also explore the managerial challenges (for example, risks) of the IT projects aimed at implementing digital strategies.

Technology, work and organisations

This theme explores the co-constitutive relationship between organisations, work and technology.

We are interested in studying work in virtual settings (e.g. teams, organisations, platforms), for example, looking at the different skills that are needed when people collaborate online.

The group also studies the consequences of technology on how (professional) work is organised with specific emphasis on how technology’s power plays out with human agency and autonomy.

Innovative qualitative methodologies

This theme involves work looking at new innovative methodological approaches afforded by new technology as well as critical methodological perspectives that concern the study of technology (for instance, its evaluation).

For example, the theme includes studies advancing video methodology in the field of management by unpacking the paradoxical nature of the relationship between the researcher and the researched in the context of participatory video research.

Technology, practices and policy

This theme takes a practice-based perspective to discuss the theoretical and policy implications from the introduction and adoption of technological artefacts in everyday lives.

For example, the group explores how a range of medical and health technologies condition evolution in medical practice and how they afford changes in health identities and in everyday clinical practices.


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