Department of Management

Information Systems and Technology Management (IS&TM) Group

The Information Systems and Technology Management (IS&TM) Group conducts world-leading research that aims to advance academic debates and to shape management practice and policy. The research is organised around four themes: a) innovation and digital business strategy; b) technology, work and organisations; c) innovative qualitative methodologies; and d) technology, practices and policy. The group has expertise in a wide range of sectors including healthcare and education. The Group's projects are multidisciplinary in nature, drawing from various fields such as Science and Technology Studies, sociology, employment studies, innovation studies and policy.

Latest IS&TM News and Events

Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference 2019
The Human Side of Innovation: Understanding the Role of Interpersonal Relations in an Increasingly Digitised Workplace

24 - 26 April 2019
Brighton, UK