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The Circular Economy Research Mobilisation Group takes a fresh approach to long-established topics in sustainable development, materials management and value retention. The term Circular Economy concerns the status quo of industrial economy as an extractive process generating waste and pollution as an externality, and has been adopted by numerous businesses as a driver for innovation. The drive is towards keeping resources in use for as long as possible, avoiding waste by recovering and regenerating products and materials, and focusing on positive society-wide benefits from economic activity. The Circular Economy Research Mobilisation Group is inherently interdisciplinary and brings together scholars from a wide range of fields, including marketing, supply chains, design, engineering, law, politics, and development studies.

News & Events

Upcoming Meetings

Information on the next Circular Economy RMG meeting will be posted soon. This meeting will be held virtually until the campus fully reopens.

New Collaborations

Faculty from the University of Sussex Business School have recently been collaborating with faculty from the University of Brighton School of Architecture and Design, School of Computing, Engineering and Maths, and School of Environment and Technology, to research circular economy practices in the built environment. In partnership with the national Clean Growth UK platform, letters of support from more than 50 industry and policy partners have been received, creating a foundation for future research projects.

Past Events

Understanding the Circular Economy in South East England – Interdisciplinary insights, private practice and public policy (May 2017)

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CE RMG Co-ordinator

Anthony Alexander