Research collaborations

Research collaboration projects can be commissioned, sponsored, or you can hire a researcher or student for specific projects to inform your strategy, innovate or launch new products, services or technology, boost efficiency, or investigate ideas previously untested.

Our research

The School can provide expertise across the full breadth of business functions (management, strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, innovation, economics, entrepreneurship, sustainability, business development and technology) and provide insights and solutions for your organisation. We also have expertise in specialist research areas investigating:

  • How scientific and technological innovations can deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • How, and to what effect, do digital technologies reshape the world of work
  • How to transition to a secure and affordable low carbon energy system in our digital society
  • The Creative Industries and how to create jobs, new companies, products and experiences
  • How to build and integrate a flexible and smart energy infrastructure to allow industry meet low carbon targets
  • International trade and integration and the analysis of the current and future UK trade policy

See details of the University of Sussex Business School's research centres.

Knowledge Exchange and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Supported by government funding, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are projects developed in partnership with you to bring university expertise into your organisation to develop your innovations.

KTPs can be applied to a wide range of public and private industry sectors and can help improve your products and services and make your organisation more efficient, sustainable, competitive and financially robust.

If you have a significant question to solve to realise an opportunity and drive innovation forward, a KTP with Sussex Business School could be the solution.

You are eligible to take part in a KTP if your organisation is:

  • a company
  • a charity or not-for-profit organisation
  • a hospital or NHS Trust
  • an educational institution.

More details on criteria are available on the GOV.UK website.

How to develop a KTP with the Business School

The School and University has a dedicated service desk to facilitate and help develop the different stages of a knowledge transfer project, from applying for funding, to project planning and evaluation.

To explore options, you can contact our KTP manager Kate Thorpe.

Each KTP project recruits a high-calibre graduate, known as an Associate, aided by specialist academic support from the University of Sussex Business School, to deliver a specified work plan.

The KTP Associate manages and delivers the project, on-site within your organisation, while being jointly supervised by a senior member of your business and a University of Sussex Business School academic expert. Each project can last between 12 months to three years, transferring and embedding new knowledge and skills to encourage business growth and innovation.

This flexible approach enables you to identify the best way to accelerate business growth and enhance your competitive advantage.

KTPs can:

  • deliver improvements to existing products
  • support development of novel products and systems
  • create frameworks to improve efficiencies in processes
  • upskill staff.

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