Business Finance Research Group


Members of the group are experts in the fields of accounting, enterprise, finance, management and strategy.

Ranko JelicProf. Ranko Jelic (Group Leader)

Professor of Finance

AhamedDr Sami Adwan

Lecturer in Accounting

AhamedDr Mostak Ahamed

Lecturer in Finance

Faek Menla AliDr Faek Menla Ali

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Mr Oussama BaherOussama Baher

Teaching Fellow in Finance

Dr Louisa ChenLouisa Chen

Lecturer in Finance

John ForkerProf. John Forker

Professor of Accounting

Oussama BaherDr Galina Goncharenko

Lecturer in Accounting

KarouzakisDr Nikolaos Karouzakis

Lecturer in Finance

KarouzakisMiss Siwen Liu

Lecturer in Accounting 

KarouzakisDr Marianna Marra

Senior Lecturer in International Business 

Makailla McConnellMs Makailla McConnell

Teaching Fellow in Accountancy

NightingaleProf. Paul Nightingale

Professor of Strategy

Mike OsborneDr Mike Osborne 

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Mike OsborneDr Seun Osituyo

Lecturer in Accounting 

Mike OsborneDr Orkun Saka

Lecturer in Finance

SiepelDr Josh Siepel

Lecturer in Management

Susan SmithMs Susan Smith

Teaching Fellow in Accounting

d StoreyProf. David Storey

Professor of Enterprise

SulimierskaDr Malgorzata Sulimierska

Teaching Fellow in Banking

Prof Radu Tunaru

Professor of Finance & Risk Management

ValnekDr Tomas Valnek

Teaching Fellow in Finance

HeidenProf. Hans Van Der Heijden

Professor of Accounting

VuMs Anh Vu

Lecturer in Finance

Jie WenDr Jie Wen

Lecturer in Finance

Xiaoxiang ZhangDr Xiaoxiang Zhang 

Lecturer in Finance

PhD Students


The Business Finance Research Group Network encourages the exchange of ideas and joint research activities among academics from different institutions. For a list of members, please see the Network page.