Business Finance Research Group


The Business Finance Research Group Network encourages the exchange of ideas and joint research activities among academics and practitioners from different institutions.

Members include:

  • Dr. Wasim Ahmad (University of Birmingham)
  • Prof. Wolfgang Aussenegg (University of Technology, Vienna)
  • Sam Baker (OSTC)
  • Giorgia Barboni (University of Warwick)
  • Mrs Paola Bergamaschi Broyd (Worship Company of International Bankers - WCIB)
  • Prof. Sabri Boubaker (ESC Troyes, France)
  • Prof. Paolo Capuano (Sapienza University of Rome)
  • Barbara Casu (Cass Business School)
  • Dr. Xiaohua Chen (Bank of England)
  • Prof. Dougal Cumming (Schulich School of Business, York University)
  • Sebastian Deininger (University of Basel)
  • Prof. Manthos Delis (University of Surrey)
  • Prof. Francois Derrien (HEC Paris)
  • Rebecca De Simone (LBS)
  • Dr. Marina Dolfin (University of Messina and Kings College London) 
  • Ljubica Dordevic (IMF)
  • Dr. Mikica Drenovak (University of Kragujevac)
  • Dr. Peter Dunne (Central Bank of Ireland)
  • Prof. Susanne Espenlaub (University of Manchester)
  • Dr. Julian Frankish (Barclays)
  • Prof. Marc Goergen (University of Cardiff)
  • Dr. Lukas Goetz (UNIQA - Insurance, Vienna)
  • Dr. Dimitrios Gounopoulos (University of Newcastle)
  • Dr. Liang Han (University of Surrey)
  • Dr. Rebecca Harding (Independent economist)
  • Elisabeth Kempf (Chicago Booth)
  • Dr. Helmut Kraemer (EIS Research & Market Analysis)
  • Prof. Arif Kurshed (University of Manchester)
  • Prof. Dietmar Maringer (University of Basel)
  • Kouhei (George) Mosley (Woozle Research)
  • Prof. Victor Murinde (School of Oriental and Asian Studies, SOAS)
  • Prof. Ronan Powell (Dublin City University)
  • Dr. Brahim Saadoumi (University of Manchester)
  • Dr. George Saridakis (Kingston University)
  • Andre Silva (Federal Reserve Board)
  • Andrew Steer (HSBC - Head of Surrey and Sussex Business Banking)
  • Prof. Branko Urosevic (University of Belgrade)
  • Prof. Silvio Vismara (University of Bergamo)
  • Prof. Anne Marie Ward (University of Ulster)
  • Prof. Mike Wright (Imperial College, London)
  • Dr. Dan Zhou (University of Reading)
Ljubica Dordevic