Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

Mathematical Analysis of Incompressible Fluid Flows


A Sussex School and Workshop on the


Navier-Stokes and Euler Equations


18-22 September, 2017

Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel





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 For general enquiries, please send an e-mail to:
Registration for the event is now closed.  In exceptional circumstances, we may still accept some requests to attend the conference.  Women are particularly encouraged to apply, and we will do our best to cover full expenses for female applicants.  If you wish to be considered to attend, please send an e-mail to with your contact details, a short professional background and reasons for wishing to attend.


Poster 11


Gabriel Koch
(University of Sussex)

Scientific Committee

Isabelle Gallagher
(Paris-Diderot University)
Carlos Kenig
(University of Chicago)
Gregory Seregin
(Oxford University)
Vladimír Šverák
(University of Minnesota)

School Mini-Course Speakers

Thierry Gallay
(University of Grenoble)
Axisymmetric vortex rings in viscous fluids: uniqueness and qualitative properties
László Székelyhidi
(University of Leipzig)
The h-principle in fluid dynamics: non-uniqueness and anomalous dissipation

Workshop Speakers

Jean-Yves Chemin
(Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris)
Sara Daneri
(University of Erlangen)
Alberto Enciso
(Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madrid)
Julien Guillod
(Paris-Diderot University)
Philip Isett
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Christophe Lacave
(University of Grenoble)
Evelyne Miot
(University of Grenoble)
James Robinson
(Warwick University)