Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

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Miro Chlebik

Dr Miroslav Chlebik

Geometric measure theory with applications to calculus of variation.  Non-linear partial differential equations, existence and regularity theory, blow-up phenomena.

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Masoumeh Dashti

Dr Masoumeh Dashti

Partial differential equations, inverse problems, mathematical theory of fluid mechanics.

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Peter Giesl

Prof Peter Giesl

Dynamical systems.  Analytical and numerical methods.  Applications to biomechanics; stability of movements of the human musculoskeletal system.

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Gabriel Koch

Dr Gabriel Koch

Analysis of partial differential equations.  Navier-Stokes equations of fluid dynamics, regularity theory for non-linear partial differential equations, harmonic analysis.

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Konstantinos Koumatos photo Maths

Dr Konstantinos Koumatos


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Michael Melgaard photo Maths

Prof Michael Melgaard

Analysis and PDEs with applications in physics and chemistry, non-linear equations arising in many-particle models of quantum chemistry.

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Ali Taheri

Dr Ali Taheri

Calculus of variations, partial differential equations and topology.  Sobolev spaces and mapping problems, critical point theory and topological invariant.

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