Meet our scholars

We’re proud to share with you a few stories of remarkable students who graduate this year. If you support scholarships at Sussex, thank you so much for making it possible for these students and many others to pursue their dreams with us.

Sanjeev standing in front of The Dome building wearing his Chancellor's robes

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Guigma with the Sussex Campus in the background

Guigma's story

"When I was awarded the Scholarship it was like someone waking me from my dream and giving me the keys to realise it.”   


Lewis' story

"My time at Sussex shaped me into a well-rounded international legal scholar and prepared me for making my mark on the world."

Tosin standing in front of a white background

Tosin's story

"It's a wonderful feeling helping people achieve their potential - people who might never have gone to university otherwise."


Adarsh's story

"I was elated when I heard that I had been accepted at Sussex and awarded an Article 26 Scholarship. The tears of joy and overwhelming relief made it difficult to read out the offer letter to my family." 

Georgia Walters

Georgia's story

"I knew that Sussex was accommodating and inclusive, and that it supported students who, like me, are the first in their families to go to university."

Grass on campus

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