The Mandela Scholarship

The Mandela Scholarship provides students from Southern Africa with the opportunity to gain a postgraduate degree at Sussex. Lewis Sibanda will graduate with an LLM in Law, achieved with distinction, in January 2021. His ambition is to work in human rights jurisprudence. Lewis is like so many other Mandela Scholars: he has a thirst for knowledge and education, and a strong desire to make a difference in the world. The Mandela Scholarship helped him overcome the financial barriers to his education and enabled him to pursue his goal of helping others. 

The Mandela Scholarship provides a catalyst for so many young Africans to achieve their potential, and to contribute, like Mandela, to the fight for social justice, freedom, and a better world. Every year we aim to support 3 students with a Mandela Scholarship. This is made possible solely through generous alumni donations and external support.  

The value of a Sussex education goes beyond academic learning. It extends to a way of life that propels individuals to become better human beings with a very good set of skills to make a difference in the world. That may be Sussex's best tribute to the Mandela legacy.” DR Nhlanhla msomi
mandela scholar 1991

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