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You can support Mandela’s vision of creating future leaders in Southern Africa by giving to the Mandela Scholarship.

Mpinane, a South African student at Sussex, hugs Albie Sachs more than 30 years after he gained his PhD at Sussex as an exiled South African.

Mpinane, a South African student at Sussex, hugs Albie Sachs. More than 30 years after Albie, as an exiled South African, gained his PhD at Sussex he returned to speak at the annual Draper Lecture in 2020. 

A student living frugally in the South East of England in 2020/21 requires around £1,400 to support themselves for one month. This amount covers their rent, food, clothing, phone and other necessities and equates to £16,800 per year. A student coming from Southern Africa will already face many challenges and barriers to accessing a Sussex education, obtaining a visa, finding their air fare, buying warm clothing, the British cost of living, and international fees. This can make the journey seem impossible.

The Mandela Scholarship offers a complete tuition fee waiver for one year of postgraduate study, as well as covering living costs. Your donation, no matter the size, will contribute towards sustaining a Mandela Scholar, allowing them to focus on their studies and to gain the most from their time at Sussex. Your valuable support will help them realise their potential before they too, like Mandela and Sussex, seek to create a better world.

Today, the need for outstanding black leadership is greater than ever. I therefore call on you to support this Scholarship Fund generously so that young people may be adequately prepared to take on the responsibilities of the future.” Archbishop desmond tutu writes to the scholarship fund in 1992

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