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Here's looking at you...

In 2022, over 8,000 of you responded to our Alumni Survey, telling us how you’d like to stay connected with us – and with each other.

Your views will continue to inform our engagement planning into the future. Thank you to everyone who took part. Here are some highlights.

Here’s looking at you

  • Video transcript

    [Screen text: University of Sussex]
    [Screen text: Here’s looking at you]

    Voice over: In 2022, over 8000 of you responded to our Alumni survey giving us the answers we need to drive change for the future.

    You told us how you’d like to stay connected with the University of Sussex, and also with each other, through digital communications, in-person
    events and beyond. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.

    By taking part, you are playing a key role in shaping the future of Sussex.
    To give you an idea of the results, here are some standout statistics.

    [Screen text: Figures indicate the proportion of respondents to the email survey, October - November 2022]

    [Screen text:When did you graduate?]

    Voice over: We received responses from graduates of all ages, from the 1960s to 2022, meaning our responses span a diverse range of people with a shared experience of studying here at Sussex

    [Screen text:statistics: 60s - 4%, 70s - 9%, 80s - 8%, 90s - 9%, 00s - 15%, 10s - 38%, 20s - 16%]

    [Screen text: Keeping it in the family]

    Voiceover: and the connections didn’t end there. 17% said they had family or friends that had also attended the University of Sussex.

    [Screen text: Your Sussex friends network. How many Sussex alumni are you in touch with?]

    Voiceover: And 72% of respondents said they were still in touch with 1 to 10 alumni, showing Sussex is more than just a great place to study, it’s the place to meet friends for life.

    [Screen text:statistics: 1 to 5 - 53%, 6 to 10 - 19%, 11 to 15 - 7%, 16 to 20 - 3%, 21+ - 3%]

    [Screen text: Your global alumni community]

    Voiceover: What’s more, our alumni network is a truly global community with over 35% of our graduates coming from a diverse range of destinations overseas.
    We pride ourselves on the international nature of the Sussex community, it is part of what makes Sussex special.

    [Screen text: statistics 35% overseas, 65% UK]

    [Screen text: Your Sussex experience]

    Voiceover: But what really counts is the lasting memories of university life and the overall graduate experience. With 90% saying they had a good time at Sussex and 86% saying they were proud to have studied here, we’d say this is a real measure of success.

    [Screen text: additional statistic: 50% said you feel closely connected with Sussex]

    [Screen text: Your generosity]
    Voiceover: We are hugely grateful to those who are able to pay it forward to the next generation looking to broaden their academic horizons.
    16% of respondents had donated to the University in the past and 67% have volunteered some of their precious time or would like to do so in the future.
    And, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends we can provide scholarships and financial support for those who need it, including 22% of survey respondents.
    [Screen text: statistics: 22% had received a scholarship or financial support when at Sussex, 12% have or would consider leaving a gift in their will to Sussex]

    [Screen text: Areas you would like to give to in the future]
    Voiceover: And in the future, the areas you’d like to give to, include scholarships, student welfare and wellbeing and increased support for disadvantaged students. We want university to be an option open to anyone who feels it is the right path for them, no matter their background, which is why we’ll be working to increase our support offerings in the years to come.
    [Screen text: statistics:37% - scholarships for current/future students, 65% - supporting disadvantaged students, 31% - student welfare, wellbeing or
    [Screen text: Keeping in touch]
    Voiceover: So let’s not stop there, keep in touch! With 77% of respondents saying they’re happy with the level of communications received from us and 9% saying they’d like more, we’ll keep the lines open and make sure you’re in the loop with everything we’re doing at Sussex.

    [Screen text: Thank you]
    Voiceover: Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. With your help, we now have a better understanding of how you feel about your university and how you’d like to stay connected and engaged with us. The views you have shared will continue to inform our planning for future alumni engagement. On behalf of everyone here at Sussex. Thank you.
    [Screen text: University of Sussex logo.]

Figures indicate the proportion of respondents to the email survey, Oct – Nov 2022

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