Sussex Africa Centre

Mobility and diasporic connections

Research on mobility and African transnational connections within and beyond the continent includes studies of: transit migration in North Africa, the politics of asylum and new diasporic communities in Europe, rural-urban migration and the politics of vulnerability, protection and livelihoods in African urban spaces.  Researchers in this cluster are members of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research and the large DfID-funded consortium Migrating Out of Poverty. 

Specific projects and initiatives include:

  • Migrants on the margins, funded by RGS, ESRC and AHRC (JoAnn McGregor, Mike Collyer)
  • Migrating out of Poverty. A DfID –funded research consortium investigating rural urban migration, with research partners in East, West and Southern Africa.
  • Transit migration in North Africa (Mike Collyer)
  • Reconfiguring Transnational Education and Care: West African Migrants in the U.K . Funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation (Pamela Kea)
  • The politics of asylum and histories of African diaspora communities in Britain (JoAnn McGregor)

Banner image: Diaspora housing project, Harare. Photograph by JoAnn McGregor.