Sussex Africa Centre

Energy and technology

Research at Sussex on energy and technology in Africa is notable for its cutting-edge interdisciplinarity across the natural, engineering and social sciences. This includes collaborations between development studies and science and technology studies, particularly through the ESRC-funded STEPS Centre (Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability). This involves researchers at SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research), Global Studies, and IDS. A major focus is on technology transitions and low carbon development in Africa.

Specific projects and initiatives include:

  • Low carbon development focusing on olar home systems in Kenya, and low carbon energy technologies, a DfID-funded collaborative project with the African Technology Policy Studies Network in Kenya (key contact, David Ockwell)
  • Climate technology and development (key contact, Rob Byrne)
  • Rising powers, the Clean Development Mechanism and low carbon transitions in sub-Saharan Africa (key contacts, Peter Newell, Adrian Smith)
  • Political ecology of carbon, focusing on REDD+ and carbon forestry in Africa and biochar (key contact, Melissa Leach)


Banner image: Photograph by Sung Kyu Kim, Senegal.