Sussex Africa Centre

Education, youth and citizenship

Scholarship on education youth and citizenship combines researchers based at Sussex’ large Centre for International Education and researchers in the School of Global Studies.  There is a strong body of policy-oriented research, notable for its close engagement with African educational institutions and practitioners.  

Specific projects and initiatives include:

  • Access, quality and outcomes of girls’ education in Nigeria, in collaboration with Adamawa State Basic Education Board (Mairead Dunne, Dr Sara Humphreys, Dauda Moses and Jiddere Kaibo).
  • Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity, funded by DfID (Prof Lewin) 
  • Youth as Active citizens in education and reproductive health. Oxfam, Novib. (Mairead Dunne, Dr Barbara Crossouard, Sussex, Dr Naureen Durrani, Sussex and Dr Kathleen Fincham, UEA).

Banner image: Fishing in Sierra Leone, Tissana Wharf, Sierra Leone. Photograph by Jenny Diggins.