Sussex Africa Centre

Agriculture and environment

Research at Sussex combines work on the politics of land, water and other natural resources with cutting-edge new scholarship on climate change and its social impacts. It brings together environmental and social scientists, including researchers from the Institute of Development Studies, SPRU, Geography and Anthropology.

Specific projects and initiatives include:

  • Future Agricultures Consortium, a network of over 80 researchers working in 15 African countries, including research on the politics of policy surrounding land, pastoralism, seeds, young people, gender, agricultural commercialisation, climate change, and the role of the BRICS  (key contact, John Thompson)
  • Africa Climate Initiative, funded by NERC and others, combining research on climate modelling, policy and livelihoods (key contact, Martin Todd)
  • STEPS Centre, an ESRC Centre working on the politics of sustainability issues, including in Africa (key contact, Ian Scoones)
  • Small scale irrigation and livelihoods in Malawi and Tanzania, funded by ESRC and DfID (Elizabeth Harrison)
  • Agrarian reform in Zimbabwe, on-going research on livelihoods after land reform in Zimbabwe, with a regular blog (key contact, Ian Scoones)
  • Dynamic drivers of disease in Africa, exploring the connections between environment and zoonotic disease funded by ESPA (key contact, Melissa Leach)
  • China and Brazil in African agriculture, ESRC-funded research on agriculture-focused aid, investment and development cooperation engagements in Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe (key contact, Henry Tugendhat)

Banner image: Cattle in Senegal. Photograph by Sung Kyu Kim.