Objective 1: Ethical educators

We will embed sustainability into all aspects of student learning, experience and research.

We will achieve this objective through four key areas of activity that we refer to as our aims. Firstly, making students partners and innovators in sustainable development. Secondly, including sustainability in all degrees. Thirdly, being at the forefront of sustainable research practices. And fourthly, by supporting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Our key commitments in this area are summarised below and explained in more detail in the remainder of this section.

Key commitments

  • Actively engage students, student societies and the Students’ Union on co-delivering the outputs from this strategy and shaping future sustainability policy from August 2021
  • Recruit recent Sussex graduates and current students to be paid members of the University Sustainability Team by August 2021
  • Hold grand challenges and innovation competitions to support our students to create the sustainability solutions of the future by July 2021
  • Conduct a review focused on promoting social impact in student entrepreneurship by September 2021
  • Develop action plans in all Schools to deeper embed sustainability in the curriculum by August 2022
  • Offer a new online interdisciplinary introduction to sustainability certificate course to all first and second-year undergraduate students from August 2022, enabling each academic School to adapt the content into a School-specific 15-credit module from August 2023 if appropriate
  • Directly link all of our student careers initiatives to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and monitor our impact by September 2021
  • Gain Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) sustainable lab accreditation by August 2022
  • Further embed sustainable research practices within all our research methods and processes by December 2023
  • Achieve the goals set out in our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – Inclusive Sussex by December 2025.

Our aims