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University of Sussex consultation on setting aside land for nature 9 November – 28 December 2022

Comment on areas on campus that you think may or may not be suitable for setting aside for nature.

Find out what we mean by setting land aside for nature

We want to understand from you as part of our campus community which areas might be suitable to set aside in order to help us to calculate the best target for our campus community.

The results will help to inform the target setting and potential locating of new areas of land set aside for nature as we work towards our strategic aims of achieving biodiversity net gain and being one of the most biodiverse campuses in the UK.


We have worked with independent ecology consultants Biora and leading Sussex ecology academics to map the areas on the campus that we believe are currently set aside for nature and show them to us on a map – with the areas that are set aside for nature highlighted in yellow and given a reference number.

We have also asked them to create three maps of how the campus could possibly look in scenarios where we set aside 40, 45 or 50% of the campus for nature – again with the areas that would need to be converted to land set aside for nature highlighted in yellow and given a reference number.


See all four of the maps. Your task is to look at these maps and using the location reference numbers provided next to the maps on our website, tell us:

  • any reason why a particular area might not be suitable for setting aside for nature; and/or
  • any area not highlighted in yellow that you think might be suitable for setting aside for nature that we should consider turning yellow on the maps and including in our future biodiversity enhancements.

When you tell us about an area on a map that you believe should or should not set aside for nature, please quote the reference number assigned to that particular area before making that comment.

If you have any further questions regarding how to complete the survey, or any additional accessibility requirements, then email sustainable@sussex.ac.uk.

You can also download the consultatoin form [DOC. 38.14KB]. If you download the form, you'll need to complete it and send it back to us by email to: sustainable@sussex.ac.uk

The survey closes on 28 December 2022. 

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