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The Spirit of Sussex Award: celebrating student achievement outside the classroom

9 September 2020

The Spirit of Sussex Award is a new student award launching this month to celebrate students’ extracurricular efforts and voluntary achievements.

Lockdown at home less stressful than school for children with SEND, new study finds

2 September 2020

The majority of children with SEND felt less stress and anxiety away from school and at home during lockdown, according to a survey of parent carers.

Code First Girls - Volunteer coding instructors needed this Autumn Term

27 August 2020

Do you have knowledge of front-web development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) or Python? If so, help to inspire more women to explore a career in tech.

Professor provides thought-leadership to UN ECLAC on policies for post-pandemic reconstruction

24 August 2020

Professor Maria Savona was one of three thought leaders to provide comments on ECLAC policy recommendations.

This Sussex Life. Quantum physicist Dr Zak Romaszko: "I tried to fix my dad's PC after I broke it"

20 August 2020

Quantum physicist Dr Zak Romaszk works at Universal Quantum, a Sussex spin-out company that's building the first large-scale quantum computer.

When you can't hug a human ...

14 August 2020

There are many wonderful trees on the University of Sussex campus. Now's a good time to get to know them better.

This Sussex Life. Drama graduate Bea Morris: "My role involves helping the museum to re-open post Covid-19."

13 August 2020

University of Sussex drama graduate Bea Morris is finding inspiration during an eight-week internship with Ditchling Museum.

University of Sussex students take up summer internships to help local businesses recover from Covid-19

7 August 2020

The University Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and Santander Universities UK are co-funding 30 intern positions supporting local businesses.

MA graduate awarded doctoral studentship as Sussex partners with Towner Eastbourne

5 August 2020

A Sussex graduate has been awarded a doctoral studentship allowing her to lead research into gender imbalance in UK regional museum collections.

Virtual exhibition celebrates work of BACA students after pandemic puts project on hold

4 August 2020

With a collaborative project between Sussex and BACA put on pause, a free online exhibition seeks to share students hard work.

Parallel supply chain model proposed to Select Committee included in Committee’s recommendations

29 July 2020

Evidence to the International Trade Select Committee by the UK Trade Policy Observatory was included in the Committee’s recommendations to Government.

Sussex Grad At Home: Celebrating our Class of 2020

24 July 2020

Our Sussex Grad at Home celebrations took place this week across social media and our website, with a range of videos and special messages.

This Sussex Life. Caroline Lehany: “This would have been our biggest ever graduation"

23 July 2020

Caroline Lehany, Head of Graduation and Corporate Events, reflects on what has been a week of celebration.

Dr Zahira Jaser, University of Sussex Business School: "It took great self-belief and courage to stand tall."

13 July 2020

Dr Zahira Jaser reflects on how her first career in corporate banking is helping her to envision women in leadership roles.

Sussex celebrates the Class of 2020 with launch of #SussexGradAtHome

10 July 2020

This week, the University has launched Sussex Grad at Home, to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing resilience, creativity and determination of our..

Radical overhaul required of system for asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

9 July 2020

A four-year study of claimants of asylum on sexual orientation or gender identity grounds calls for a radical overhaul of the system.

University of Sussex joins national effort to help under-represented young people access university during pandemic

7 July 2020

The Uni4Me project brings together 250 online activities from 50 organisations in the higher education (HE) sector including the University of Sussex.

New collaborative Covid-19 projects get green light

1 July 2020

The University of Sussex has approved a number of projects to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help for families in turmoil, as free law advice clinic reopens

24 June 2020

Sussex law students have re-opened their free legal advice clinic to members of the public. People can now access the clinic virtually.

Sussex students support youth project Role Models during lockdown

12 June 2020

Due to the lockdown and closure of all schools across the country, the student-led project, Role Models, has pivoted quickly to keep supporting the...

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