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Sussex celebrates the Class of 2020 with launch of #SussexGradAtHome

10 July 2020

This week, the University has launched Sussex Grad at Home, to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing resilience, creativity and determination of our..

Radical overhaul required of system for asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

9 July 2020

A four-year study of claimants of asylum on sexual orientation or gender identity grounds calls for a radical overhaul of the system.

University of Sussex joins national effort to help under-represented young people access university during pandemic

7 July 2020

The Uni4Me project brings together 250 online activities from 50 organisations in the higher education (HE) sector including the University of Sussex.

New collaborative Covid-19 projects get green light

1 July 2020

The University of Sussex has approved a number of projects to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Help for families in turmoil, as free law advice clinic reopens

24 June 2020

Sussex law students have re-opened their free legal advice clinic to members of the public. People can now access the clinic virtually.

Sussex students support youth project Role Models during lockdown

12 June 2020

Due to the lockdown and closure of all schools across the country, the student-led project, Role Models, has pivoted quickly to keep supporting the...

Lockdown through a child’s eyes: University creates online gallery for children’s art in the time of coronavirus

12 June 2020

The Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth (CIRCY) is inviting children and young people to take part in a community arts project.

University of Sussex student helps to make lockdown rules clear to her peers

11 June 2020

First year Emma Beeden is among a small number of young people working to make the government’s coronavirus guidelines more relatable to her peers.

Provost hailed as inspirational role model for pioneering young carers research

11 June 2020

The pioneering work by the University's Provost has been highlighted in a new campaign celebrating the influence of role models.

Sussex Sustainability Research Programme launch webinar series in response to pandemic’s impact on sustainability

10 June 2020

How did human and environment interactions influence the emergence of COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic?

Sussex awarded University of Sanctuary status

1 June 2020

The University of Sussex has been awarded the title of University of Sanctuary, in recognition of its efforts to welcome and support forced migrants.

Leukaemia researcher to host virtual Q&As on stem cell donation, with student who received life-saving transplant

20 May 2020

Two live virtual events will debunk the myths around stem cell donation and encourage more people to join the bone marrow register.

Researchers launch survey for UK undergraduates to assess impact of COVID-19 and help shape mental health services

19 May 2020

Starting university and transitioning from one year to the next can be exciting and challenging, but now COVID-19 brings additional challenges.

New Queerantine survey to highlight impact of Coronavirus on LGBTQ+ community

19 May 2020

Academics concerned that Coronavirus is having a disproportionate effect on the LGBTQ+ community have launched a new study to examine the impact.

Sussex staff member recognised as a Covid-19 Community Champion

15 May 2020

Scott Noble from Estates has been recognised by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove for his work to help the community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

No place to hide: How market manipulation in the age of pandemic is destroying traditional safe havens

14 May 2020

Safe haven assets such as gold and bitcoin are struggling during the global Coronavirus pandemic thanks to intense, large-scale manipulation.

Resumption of work commute likely to cause exponential second wave of UK Coronavirus cases

14 May 2020

The resumption of the daily work commute risks returning UK Coronavirus cases to an exponential growth, according to new modelling.

Sussex chemists join international effort to source small molecule drug in the fight against COVID-19

14 May 2020

University of Sussex researchers have joined an international team of chemists aiming to deliver a drug candidate effective against COVID-19.

How arts and humanities experts are sharing stories during lockdown

12 May 2020

COVID-19 has put many events on hold, but Sussex arts and humanities experts have found other ways to connect with new audiences.

Ministers told children must be free to play with friends to ease stress of life in lockdown

7 May 2020

Ministers urged by expert panel to prioritise children’s play and socialising over formal learning when lifting the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown.

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