Meet the future of food

We’re creating an innovative service that meets the changing needs of our community, bringing food into the 21st century.

A delivery robot

Ways to order food

From delivery robots to QR codes that allow you to order from your table and our Uni Food App where you can order food on the go – we want to make your meals a quick, easy and enjoyable experience.

Beat the queues – download our app

Download the Uni Food Hub app to see all our menus and choose the food and drink you want, when you want it. You can also use the Uni Food Hub app to boost your balance – anyone can top up your account, book tickets for foodie events or access discounts for local Brighton restaurants.

Once downloaded, let the app know you are at the University of Sussex and it will update with all the relevant information you need.

Our food – brought to you

Through our Uni Food Hub app, students and staff can order food wherever they want it on campus at a click of a button. Get affordable, satisfying meals delivered in 30 minutes or less, including Starbucks, Tortilla and Eat Central’s daily changing menu. You can also explore extra dishes that are exclusive to the app – all brought to our kiosks in Dhaba, the Bridge and the Student Centre.

Don't want to leave the house? No problem. We will deliver to your accommodation door. Working long hours on campus without time to cook? We've got you. Each of our campus outlets has a delivery collection point including the Bridge Cafe, the Library and the Student Centre.

Download the uni food hub app

Delivery robots 

Head to Eat Central to meet our delivery robot who will bring the food straight to your table. The new and innovative technology uses a laser-mapping system and 3D camera to detect objects, making its journey from the kitchen to your table smooth and efficient.

The delivery robot even comes with more than 20 different expressions.

QR codes so you can order food from your table

At Eat Central, Arts Piazza, Botanical Cafe, the Veg Bowl and the Library Café, you can take a seat and use your phone to order from your table via a QR code. It's a great way to take your time deciding what to have and avoid the queues.

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