Theoretical Particle Physics

Quantum Field Theory

While we have a reasonable grasp of how to do perturbative computations for weakly coupled theories there are still immense difficulties in working with strong coupled theories such as QCD. We also work on new techniques for dealing with these problems.

Physics of the QCD Phase Diagram.

The physics of QCD in extreme conditions like high temperature and high density is of on-going interest, also in view of heavy-ion experiments at LHC (Cern) and GSI (Darmstadt). Central topics include dynamical phenomena of hot or dense QCD, as well as the physics of confinement and the strongly coupled infrared sector.

Renormalisation Group in Quantum Field Theory.

Modern renormalisation group methods are a central tool in the study of non-perturbative phenomena in QFT. We are interested in conceptual aspects of Wilson's RG, and its applications to topical problems in quantum field theory, statistical, nuclear, and condensed matter physics.

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