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26/04/2014: The Guardian / The Observer: How we all could benefit from synaesthesia

12/12/2013: Out now: the Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia

25/11/2013: Research Topic: Developing Synaesthesia (Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)

25/11/2013: Research Topic: Synaesthesia (Frontiers in Psychology)


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Just met a colleague in the kitchen who tried to write "help yourself" on some juice but only had room for an existential "HELP" #academia

RT @SoVeryBritish: Meanings of "I'm fine" 1. I'm fine 2. I've never been so cross 3. My whole life has collapsed

RT @GretchenAMcC: schwa is the spookiest English vowel because any other vowel can become it. it's like a vowel ghost. cədaver skeləton devəl halləween autəmn

.@DevPsySussex Looking forward to seeing how Wilbury does on his test!

@danielhowell I teach stats; this week, the Games-Howell procedure for heterogeneity of variance. Look who's in aut……

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