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Filippo Spina

Filippo Spina
PhD Student 

Flexible Electronics Laboratory
Sensor Technology Research Centre
School of Engineering and Design
University of Sussex

Richmond 2C01
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QT
United Kingdom





Filippo Spina is a research associate in the field of robotics at the University of Sussex.

Previously, Filippo worked through university and obtained a BSc degree in Computer Engineering from Roma Tre in 2007. Before and after his BSc title he worked in a variety of positions and firms developing requirements and design specifications for software architecture solutions and products with particular focus on software systems integration. With this fairly long work experience, he joined the University of Sussex and obtained an MSc with distinction in Robotics and Autonomous Systems with a thesis on the development of a “Monolithically 3D printed soft robotic gripper with integrated liquid metal microchannels for pressure sensing”.

He wants to enable rapid and widespread diffusion of cheap and easy to produce soft robotic autonomous systems which interact safely with the human environment. His major interest is the monolithic production through additive manufacturing technologies, feedback control and hardware/software integration of soft biomimetic actuators with embedded sensors.

Journal Publications

  • Spina, F.; Pouryazdan, A.; Costa, J.C.; Ponce Cuspinera L.; Münzenrieder, N. Directly 3D-printed monolithic soft robotic gripper with liquid metal microchannels for tactile sensing. Flexible and Printed Electronics 2019, 4 (3), 035001.
  • Costa, J.C.; Spina, F.; Lugoda, P.; Garcia-Garcia, L.; Roggen, D.; Münzenrieder, N. Flexible Sensors—From Materials to Applications. Technologies 2019, 7, 35.

 Conference Publications

  • Spina, F.; Costa, J. C.; Münzenrieder, N. Flexible IGZO thin-film transistors with liquid EGaln gate contacts. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS) 2019, 1-3.