BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership

Get access to more than 70 university gyms nationwide with annual Gold Sussexsport membership.

If you're an annual Gold Sussexsport student member, your membership gives you access to more than 70 university gyms nationwide as part of the BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership scheme.

So if you're a University of Sussex student but are from Manchester you don't need to stop being active when you pop home, as your membership will give you access to university gyms in Manchester too, plus many more!


What does BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership offer?

BUCS UNIversal gym membership gives you free entry to more than 70 university gyms nationwide.


What are the benefits of signing up to the BUCS UNIversal Gym Memberships?

You can now stay active when you return home, if you're travelling around the UK or when you're visiting friends at other participating universities at no extra cost.


How do I join the BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership as a
Sussexsport member?

The BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership is only available to Sussexsport Annual Gold Members. If you are eligible to join, just follow these simple steps...

  • Register with BUCSPLay and login
  • Change the search function to Home UNIversal Gym
  • Search for the location of your university
  • Click on University of Sussex - UNIversal Gym
  • Click Join
  • Choose joining for myself
  • Click the link to view Privacy Policy
  • Click Apply
  • Fill in details and select complete
  • Select UNIversal Gym Membership 21-22
  • If eligible, Sussexsport will then approve your application to the BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership


Looking to book a BUCS UNIversal Gym Session?

  • All you need is your BUCS Play Account and an active BUCS UNIversal gym membership
  • Login to BUCS Play and click the search button to find a gym closets to your home
  • Search the activities on offer
  • Choose the dates and times that you want to access the facility, then click register
  • Check the description and any information needed on your arrival.
  • Select ‘entering myself’ when prompted
  • Fill in the details where required
  • Select the sessions you wish to attend and click continue
  • Check dates and times and click complete
  • You will then receive a confirmation email and if the university has enabled them, a QR code
  • In ‘My Play’ you will see your booked activities

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