The club is run by University students annually elected to a committee.

  1. Committee members must be registered students at Sussex University
  2. Committee members must ensure that at least one of them will be present at every session to take the money
  3. Committee members get a 25% discount on term cards
  4. A new Committee is appointed at the end of each academic year
  5. If more than 4 people want to be on the committee, the instructors and incumbent committee take a vote on who is appointed
  6. Committee status can be withdrawn, if a member is absent from training for more than 4 weeks without prior notice. A replacement member will then be chosen.

Committee members

This year the committee consists of:

President: Felicity Redstone
El Presidente, the illustrious figurehead of our club, whose main job is to appear on portraits and statues in every club member's home.

Secretary: Tamsin Harris
Representing the club and Zoltando International at important UN and other functions.

Treasurer: Ollie Willson
Managing the club's offshore bank accounts

Social Secretary: Tom Arrigoni
Arranging clinch practice on the dance floor and later just outside the chippie.