Stand up
jab straight punch with lead arm
cross straight punch with arm to opposite to lead leg
hook Bent arm swings in roughly horizontal plane, fist aims to connect on side of opponent
upper cut Bent arm swings in roughly vertical plane, fist aims to hit up into opponent
overhand Bent armn swings diagonally down on opponent
slip moving head laterally to avoid a straight punch
bobbing and weaving moving head up and down, as well as in other dimensions, to avoid and set up punches
sprawl moving legs back and hips down rapidly to avoid a takedown
level change moving body lower (shoulders over knees) in order to gain better position for controlling the opponent - e.g. ducking under his arm, controlling his hips or legs
arm drag using opposite arm to grab opponents (e.g. right to right) and pull
single and double leg takedowns takedowns that involve grabbing one or both legs from low or high positions.
Locks and chokes
Arm Bar Forcing the elbow joint beyond it's natural range of movement
knee bar forcing the knee joint beyond its natural range of motion.
S-shape Lock bending the elbow and wrist to make an S shape, and applying force through the wrist at 90 degrees to the plane of the S. .
heel hook catching instep of foot in one's armpit and the heel in the crook of one's arm and rotating.
Hammer lock/kimura/figure 4 Folding the arm behind the back, elbow further down the back compared to shoulder
Americana/key lock/figure 4 hand lowered as elbow raised above shoulder to produce pressure on the shoulder
guillotine choke with arm around neck and bodies facing each other
triangle choke using legs wrapped around neck and one of opponent's arms
A Few Drills
Rolling Both people on ground moving freely trying at least to get a dominant position; also can include "lock and roll" and "jits with hits"
Lock and roll Rolling including trying to get submissions - i.e. chokes and locks applied sufficiently well the recipient taps
Jits with hits Rolling with strikes allowed (typically punches, knees, elbows)
Brawl and sprawl Aim to keep the fight to standing while opponent tries to take it to ground
Ground and pound top man drills keeping base while striking (bottom man drills escaping bottom position or submitting top man)
Pub and grub What we do after some ground and pound
Ground positions
Guard Someone is in your guard if you are on your back and they are between your legs. It is closed guard if your legs are crossed.
Half guard Someone is in your half guard if you are on your back and have captured one of their legs between yours.
Mount You are mounting someone if they are on their back and you are sitting or lying on their stomach (not between their legs)
Side control/side mount/cross mount You have side control if they are on their back, your legs are both to the same side and your chest is pressed against theirs.
Scarf hold You have scarf hold if they are on their back, your legs are both to the same side, one knee under their shoulder, and the same arm around their head.
North-South/69 position One person on their back, the other on their front, chest to the first person's head, head-feet axis at 180 degrees to each other
"Clinch" positions
Clinch/tie Making contact with opponent to restrict and control their movement
bicep tie Hands on biceps
Neck tie/Thai clinch Hand on back of head/neck, same elbow on chest
Two on one/Russian tie In outside position, holding one arm on wrist and above elbow
Under hook Same side arm goes under the arm pit and grabs shoulder.
Over-under clinch One arm has under hook, the other arm goes over the same side arm or shoulder.
Pummeling Seeking good position while clinched
Swimming A particular pummeling drill in which both people in an over-under clinch seek to convert their over hook to an under hook