Sussexsport Student Active Survey 2019 now live - Could you win £25 amazon voucher?

Every two years, Sussexsport run a student-wide survey to try to understand what student users want from their facilities, what demands are being met and not being met, what keeps students active on campus, and how the service can help support students in keeping fit and healthy.

Barriers to physical activity and fitness are important to Sussexsport and the collective student voice is a powerful tool which we can use to push for change.

Examples of provisions being met by previous surveys include: 

  • Swimming facilities – we organised £1 swims across local leisure centres in Brighton & Hove.
  • Active US  awareness – you told us you weren’t sure what Active US, the peer-led, joint initiative between Sussexsport and the Students' Union was, and when the events were taking place. We spent money on social media campaigns, poster advertising, and lots more to help you learn more.
  • Cross-campus awareness of gyms and facilities – you told us you weren’t sure what sport facilities were available on campus so we raised our presence, put up maps at both the Sport Centre and Falmer Sports Complex, and got the word out.  
  • Cross training staff – you told us you wanted Active US staff to be more aware of Sussexsport activities, and memberships and vice versa, so we cross-trained staff within the department to make everything more joined-up.
  • Reducing costs – you mentioned costs were high for students who had already paid for a sport membership with their club. We are working with the Students' Union to provide a discounted rate next year to students in sports clubs.
  • Facilities – you asked for better facilities, and we delivered a full sized, all-weather 3G football and rugby training pitch at the Falmer Sports Complex.

Sussexsport is keen to promote two-way communication between sport facility users and management so that the service being run is meeting needs and expectations. 

Participants who complete the survey will also be entered into a draw for a £25 Amazon voucher.

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Last updated: Friday, 15 March 2019