Centre for Innovation and Research in Wellbeing


Health, Wellbeing and Social Care BA

Coming soon, the Health, Wellbeing and Social Care BA is an undergraduate degree for those interested in social wellbeing and the ways that society cares for those in need of support. It takes a rights-based approach to understanding, through a study of theory, policy, law and practice, and the ways that wellbeing is approached in social care with children and adults. You will learn with leading researchers and professionals in this field, and theory is linked with ‘real world’ experience, preparing you for a range of careers. The course can be taken as a three year degree, or a four year degree including a professional work-based year or a study year abroad.

The flexible and professional focus of this course prepares you for a wide range of employment and further study opportunities, including:

  • employment within local authorities, NGOs and health services
  • training as a social worker, teacher or lawyer
  • leadership roles in service-based centres in government agencies, national and international NGOs and research institutions
  • further study at Sussex on the MA in Social Work, MA in Childhood and Youth Studies, or the MRes in Wellbeing to develop your research skills for doctoral study (PhD in Social Work and Social Care).

Wellbeing MRes

The Wellbeing MRes has been designed for those interested in developing their research skills and knowledge in the field of wellbeing. It is taught by a combination of seminars, lectures, tutorials and individual supervision. The programme of study also includes the opportunity to carry out fieldwork as part of the dissertation. The course will give you a strong grounding in theory and methodology, drawing on disciplines such as social work, psychology, economics, anthropology, medicine and sociology. You will have a unique opportunity to learn from leading scholars working in a range of innovative and interdisciplinary projects on wellbeing, and to apply knowledge gained through the course to projects that are shaping policy and practice.

The MRes will give you the skills to work in a range of health and social care organisations with a wellbeing agenda at their core, ie. local authorities, NGOs and health services, leadership roles in service-based centres in government agencies, national and international NGOs and research institutions. If you already work within these fields, the MRes provides a valuable opportunity for professional development.

Course modules include:

  • Theories of Wellbeing
  • Policy and Practice in Wellbeing
  • Researching Wellbeing: Skills, Methods and Design
  • Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives on Wellbeing Research.

You can also choose from a number of optional modules.