Sussex European Institute



The SEI welcomes candidates wishing to conduct doctoral research in the following areas of our core research expertise:

Thinking Europe from its periphery – particularly the study of Southern, Eastern, and Central Europe, core-periphery relations and hierarchy, postcolonial approaches to Europe and European integration, capitalist diversity and European integration.

Post-Brexit Britain’s relationship with Europe – particularly the UK’s future relationship with the EU, borders and immigration, bilateral relations between the UK and European states, especially British-Irish relations. Other areas of interest are feminist and queer perspectives on Brexit, the links between Brexit and trade, inequality, labour rights, Euroscepticism, and the emotional and affective politics of Brexit.

Europe and the Politics of crisis – particularly on the so-called ‘triple crisis’ of the eurozone, European disintegration, and the humanitarian crisis at the European border.

Europe and its Others – particularly race and racism, border regimes, the politics of migration and diversity management, nationalism and far-right activism.

European Political Economy particularly on comparative and international political economy approaches to European models of capitalism.

Comparative European Politics – particularly the comparative study of public policy. Country and regional specialisms include France, Germany, Western Europe, Poland/East Central Europe, Ireland.

European Integration – particularly the political economy of European integration, the domestic politics of European integration, including Euroscepticism, and European security and external relations policy.

British Politics – particularly party politics, public policy, modern British political and cultural history, and immigration.

The University of Sussex has been made a Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Applications are invited for ESRC doctoral studentships for UK applicants (fees and maintenance grants) or applicants from other EU member states (fees only). Applications are also invited for Sussex School of Law, Politics and Sociology (LPS) partial fee-waiver studentships for applicants from both the UK/EU and non-EU states.

Potential applicants should send a CV and research proposal to Dr James Hampshire (