Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research

Human rights research

Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research members apply a wide range of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary methodologies, approaches and perspectives to work across a number of overlapping themes in human rights and related areas, including:

Human rights, advocacy and globalisation (see, for example, Aisling O’Sullivan’s book Universal Jurisdiction in International Criminal Law and Edward Guntrip’s article ‘International investment law in an isolationist world: a human rights perspective’)

Right to family and children’s rights (see, for example, Marica Moscati’s case report ‘Trans* identity does not limit children’s capacity’)

Asylum, citizenship and statelessness (see, for example, the SOGICA project on LGBTIQ+ rights and asylum, and Bal Sokhi-Bulley’s blogpost on deprivation of citizenship and ‘Rights as a Distraction from “Belonging”’)

Responses to conflict, terrorism and atrocities (see, for example, Matthew Evans speaking on transitional justice and transformative justice here, and Aisling O’Sulivan’s work with Roja Fazaeli on torture and the Ireland v United Kingdom case)

Rights of minority and marginalised groups (see, for example, Charlotte Skeet’s chapter in Women's Health and the Limits of Law, SCHRR members’ Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues on ‘The Place of the Human Rights of Minorities in the Institutions, Structures and Initiatives of the United Nations’, and Stephanie Berry’s blogpost on the right to manifest religion by wearing a burqa)