Jenny Rusted's Lab Group


Memory, attention and information processing across the lifespan


Our interests include:


What cognitive enhancement can be achieved by pharmacological interventions? Can nicotinic receptor stimulation improve cognition?

How does ApoE4 genotype affect cognition across the life span? Does nicotinic receptor stimulation affect this population differently? 

What neural signatures distinguish the cognitive indices of the APOE4 genotype?

Does good diet and exercise across the lifespan produce cognitive and neural benefits in older adulthood? Do they reduce rate of decline in older adults diagnosed with dementia?

Why and how do routine activities of daily living (ADLs) break down in older adulthood and in dementia? Can we identify effective behavioural interventions to sustain ADLs in people with dementia?

How does Prospective Memory change as we age? 

How do social and psychological circumstances and resources affect the possibility of living well with dementia? Does social isolation affect rate of cognitive change?