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Tajfel's publications

During his life, Tajfel published seven books and over 95 articles and book chapters. There are two main strands in Tajfel’s intellectual corpus - social perception and intergroup relations – and so the bibliography below is organised along those lines, with a third section of miscellaneous publications and a fourth of radio broadcasts.

Henri Tajfel - Published work 1956 - 1986

Intergroup relations

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 Chapter 1 (H. Tajfel): Introduction.

 Chapter 2 (H. Tajfel): Interindividual behaviour and intergroup behaviour.

 Chapter 3 (H. Tajfel): Social categorization, social identity and social comparison.

 Chapter 4 (H. Tajfel): The achievement of group differentiation.

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 Social perception and related topics

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 Other Publications

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Chapter 1 (H. Tajfel and C. Fraser): Social psychology as social science.

Chapter 12 (H. Tajfel): The structure of our views about society.

Chapter 16 (H. Tajfel): Intergroup behaviour: I. Individualistic perspectives.

Chapter 17 (H. Tajfel): Intergroup behaviour: II. Group perspectives.

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 Chapter 1 (H. Tajfel, J. Jaspars and C. Fraser): The social dimension in European social psychology.

 Chapter 33 (H. Tajfel): Intergroup relations, social myths and social justice in social psychology.  

 Radio broadcasts

 Tajfel, H. (1960) The Nation and the Individual. BBC General Overseas Service, May 1960.

 Tajfel, H. (1962) As Like as Not. BBC Third Programme, November 7, 1962.

 Tajfel, H. (1962) Similarity and dissimilarity. BBC, August 1962.