Our research

Our research focuses on three main themes:

Risk and Resilience

What is the role of adverse childhood experiences in mental health across the life course, generations and cultures?

Do positive life experiences (e.g., education) contribute to resilience, i.e., protect against negative effects of early adversities?

Can genetic factors modify the effects of early adversity on affective psychopathology?

Biomarkers and Endophenotypes

How social influences 'get under the skin' to affect mental health outcomes across the life course?

What are biological mechanisms for the associations between social adversity and affective psychopathology? 

What is the role of cognitive processes in susceptibility to psychopathology?

Health and Ageing

Do different life course trajectories of affective problems influence physical and cognitive health in a different way?

What are biological and social pathways that underlie these links? 

What can be done to improve age-related cognitive and physical health outcomes in people with affective problems? 

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