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Sally-Jane Norman
Professor of Performance Technologies (Media and Film)
T: +44 (0)1273 873339 or +44 (0)1273 873667


Music and Sonic Media Masters programme (School of Media, Film and Music)

Sound Environments (core module)

This course examines sonic media creations and sound architectures, which may be physical, digital or hybrid. Seminars provide interdisciplinary context and review a range of practices, while workshops offer a space to develop ideas through practical engagement and theory. The rapid development of interdisciplinary sound creation beyond the concert hall is studied, where urban spaces are venues for creative work alongside new artistic, curatorial and critical practices arising from networked sound technologies (streamed radio, distributed performance works, podcasts, etc). Consideration is also given to examples of integrated architecture, space and organised sound, where digital processing possibilities open up notions of "performative architectures". Students either write a term paper (5000 words), or create a practical project and critical commentary, in response to these areas of creative investigation.



Current PhD students

Michéal O'Connell, The Feedback Loop and Art Practice. An inquiry into the significance of cybernetics as a practical tool and paradigm in aesthetic critique, co-supervised with Blay Whitby/ Chris Thornton, Informatics

Ian Grant, Analogue to Digital Puppetry: Translations and Transformations, co-supervised with Kirk Woolford, University of Surrey/ Sussex School of Media, Film & Music

Daniel Hignell, The other for whom I sing: Composition, communication, and the charge of the common good, co-supervised with Ed Hughes, Music, School of Media, Film & Music (AHRC funded)

Aysenur Karabulut, Now Go Explore: Building Digital Bridges between Performing Arts and Education to Improve Children’s Perceived Self-Concept and Confidence, co-supervised with Robin Banerjee, Children's Relationships, Emotions, and Social Skills (CRESS), School of Psychology (Turkish Ministry of Education funded)

Joe Watson,Why aspects of analogue and non-computer-based practices are valued at a moment of the ubiquity of the digital, co-supervised with Ed Hughes, Music, School of Media, Film & Music

Kate Genevieve, Insula: Re-Mapping Bodily Presence through Performance Technologies, co-supervised with Evelyn Ficarra, Music, School of Media, Film & Music, and Zoltan Dienes, School of Psychology (AHRC funded)

Danny Bright, Ghosting Sonic Heritage: How can sound and music works interrogate sonic memory and temporality in relation to ruined, disused and re-purposed industrial or post-industrial space?, co-supervised with Ed Hughes, Music, School of Media, Film & Music (AHRC funded)

Sian Aggett, A Multi-Site Study of Socially Engaged Art in Public Health Research within Low Income Settings, co-supervised with Andrea Cornwall, School of Global Studies (Wellcome Trust Society and Ethics Studentship)

Stephen Fortune, Personal Informatics? Self Tracking & Rhythmanalytic Aesthetics, co-supervised with Kate O’Riordan, School of Media, Film & Music (AHRC funded)

Wesley Goatley, Critical Data Aesthetics: Reflexivity in Research and Practice, co-supervised with Caroline Bassett, School of Media, Film & Music (Sussex Humanities Lab funded)

Mujie Li, Media Dissolvability: Material Energies in Networked Cultures, co-supervised with Beatrice Fazi, School of Media, Film & Music

Alessio Marinoni, Dressing the Ring. The Evolution of Stage Costumes in Wagner’s Ring and their Historic and Artistic Meaning, co-supervised with Nick Till, School of Media, Film & Music, enrolled 2016



Current External Examining

Trinity Laban Conservatoire, MA in Choreography

Rose Bruford College, BA (Hons) Creative Lighting Control; BA (Hons) Performance Sound


PhD Examining

I have examined PhDs in the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand.