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Claire Annesley
Head of Department (School of Law, Politics and Sociology)
T: +44 (0)1273 872933


  • How do women gain access to political office?

BLOG: Annesley, C. (2016) Getting more women into ministerial jobs is not that hard – here’s how to do it  

BLOG: Annesley, C., Beckwith, K. and Franceschet, S. (2015) What is ‘Merit’ Anyway? On using gender quotas in cabinet appointments PSA Women and Politics Blog

BLOG: Annesley, C. (2014) More women in Government: time for gender quotas? Democratic Audit blog

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  • What are the determinants of gender equality policy?

BLOG: Annesley, C. and Gains, F. (2015) Winning Women’s Votes: What’s on offer for women in #GE2015?

BLOG: Annesley, C and Gains, F. (2012) Gender Equality Despite Recession? Only with pressure from outside government LSE British Politics and Policy blog

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  • What is the impact of austerity on gender equality?

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